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Seirogan has a history of more than a 100 years. The following are the chronicles of Seirogan, from its discovery to the present day.

How did the name “Seirogan” originate?

The Royal Japanese Army was the first to use Seirogan as a gastrointestinal medication in Russia, during the Russo–Japanese War of 1904–5. It was then called the Chuyu–Seirogan, a homophone to “bravely conquer Russia” in Japanese, to boost the morale of the Royal Japanese Army. Later, Taiko Pharmaceutical changed it to Seirogan, and it has stayed till date.
For over 100 years, since the Russo–Japanese War, Seirogan has been a common gastrointestinal solution for many.

100 years of Seirogan, Seirogan Toi-A
Drug sales licenseMr. Saichi Nakajima obtained the license for drug sales for Chuyu–Seirogan from the Osaka Prefecture Government.
Distributed Seirogan to the Royal Japanese NavyThe Japanese Military manufactured and distributed Seirogan to the Royal Japanese Navy, during the Russo–Japanese War of 1904–5.
Otojiro Shibata, founder of Taiko Pharmaceutical, acquired the right to manufacture and sell Chuyu–Seirogan.
Chuyu-Seirogan was changed to Nakajima-Seirogan.Chuyu–Seirogan was changed to Nakajima–Seirogan.

With due respect to international relations, the product was renamed to avoid the connotations of conquering Russia.

Nakajima-Seirogan was changed to Seirogan.Nakajima–Seirogan was changed to Seirogan.

It has since been distributed under the name of Seirogan. The natural ingredients that constitute Seirogan today are different from those in the old product.

“Seiro,” the prototype Seirogan Toi–A“Seiro,” the prototype Seirogan Toi–A was officially launched.

This marked the origin of Seirogan Toi–A, the sugar–coated tablet of the Seriogan series.

Seirogan ToiThe Seirogan sugar–coated tablet was officially launched.

As the prototype of the Seirogan Toi–A, it has a slight difference in content from the Seirogan.

Chiang li Seirogan was launched.Chiang li® Seirogan was launched.

Chiang li Seirogan, by adding dry yeast to Seirogan, was launched.

The prototype package of modern SeiroganThe prototype package of modern Seirogan was launched.

Seirogan with packagingSeirogan with brand new ingredients was launched.
Seirogan with brand new packaging was launched.

The ingredients and packaging of modern Seirogan were finalized.

Seirogan Toi-AThe Seirogan Toi–A was launched.

This was the prototype of the modern Seirogan Toi–A, in terms of the ingredients and packaging.

Pocket-sized SeiroganPocket–sized Seirogan was launched.

To fulfill traveler's needs, the pocket–sized Seirogan in a handy box package was launched, with 4 color options.

The Seirogan Toi-A in P.T.P. packageThe Seirogan Toi–A in a P.TP package was launched.
To celebrate the 100th anniversaryThe 100th anniversary package was launched.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Chuyu–Seirogan, the 100th Anniversary Package was launched in a limited edition.

The 18-pill-package SeiroganThe 18–pill package Seirogan was launched.

The My Seirogan, a small package of Seirogan containing 2 days of adult dosage, was launched for people living alone or for use at work.

New package Seirogan Toi–ANew package Seirogan Toi–A was launched.

In addition to increased content, the new package uses a transparent bottle to facilitate consumers to see the remaining content. Also, the PTP package for Seirogan Toi–A was introduced to facilitate convenience of use.

Pocket-sized Seirogan Toi-APocket–sized Seirogan Toi–A was launched.

The new pocketable & smart box Seirogan Toi–A was introduced to the market for women and young consumers who avoided using the product.

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