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Takashi Shibata, CEO and President

Our company Taiko Pharmaceutical was founded and named by my grandfather Otojiro Shibata in 1946, in the hopes of succeeding as a company that delivers happiness to customers in the form of good health.

Our company has two primary focuses, the pharmaceutical drug business centered on the gastrointestinal medications Seirogan and Seirogan Toi-A, and the infection control business centered on Cleverin, which was rolled out in 2006 - 60 years after the founding of Taiko Pharmaceutical.

Seirogan is a product of our pharmaceutical drug business which was first sold in 1902, two years before the start of the Russo-Japanese war, and our company succeeded in acquiring the manufacturing and distribution rights in 1946.  In the 100 years since it was first introduced to the marketplace, much research has been done on the safety, effectiveness and possible new uses of Seirogan’s active ingredient, wood creosote.  As a result, Seirogan has been passed on for more than 100 years, and wood creosote has been scientifically proven to be a necessary drug even in the modern era.

Cleverin is a product of our infection control business which is an “antibacterial, antiviral, deodorizing agent” that kills bacteria both in the air and on solid objects. The primary ingredient chlorine dioxide has been called a “next generation disinfectant,” and it is now possible to commercialize it by controlling the concentration using our company’s patented technology.  We will continue with our research and development, as well as provide products that meet our customers’ sanitation needs, which have been increasing through the occurrence of various infectious diseases.

Our company will continue in our pursuit of customer happiness from the research stage through to production in order to become a company that, through our products and services, our customers truly feel is necessary.

President and CEO Takashi Shibata

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