Truth of Seirogan

When these symptoms occur


Relieves unexpected gastrointestinal problems when at work, in a class, before an examination, or in a meeting.

You might suddenly feel an unusual movement in your stomach (diarrhea) when you are on the way to work or school or before an important meeting with your clients, an examination, or an appointment.

This is a result of stress-associated hypersensitive peristalsis. The rhythmic contraction of smooth muscles is controlled by the automatic nervous system (ANS)*. Following stress, ANS becomes hypersensitive and induces increased contractions of the smooth muscles, which could result in an upset stomach.

*The nervous system cannot be voluntarily controlled. ANS controls the functions of the human internal organs and blood circulation.


Relieves gastrointestinal discomforts associated with cold conditions.

Children may feel stomach discomfort during their sleep when they catch a cold, drink too much juice, eat ice-cream or cold food, or when the temperature of the A/C is too low or the temperature fluctuation is too large.

In fact, the reaction of the human nervous system to cold is a major cause of an upset stomach and diarrhea. When the body feels cold, ANS becomes hypersensitive and promotes peristalsis, inducing gastrointestinal problems.


Relieves alcohol-associated hangover.

After drinking a large glass of beer or on the next day after drinking too much, the stools become loose or bowels move suddenly, resulting in diarrhea.

The intestinal tract, following stimulation by excess alcohol, will release water and promote vigorous peristalsis. Also, when excessive water flushes in the intestinum crassum, it increases the water content in stools and results in loose stools or diarrhea.


Relieves gastrointestinal discomfort associated with fullness or food-hypersensitivity.

After consuming food rich in fat or sugar or stimulating food (food containing too much seasoning), loose stools or diarrhea appear as a result of dyspepsia or malabsorption.
Undigested food residues readily stimulate the intestinal tract, and the water content in the residues is absorbed by the intestinal tract.

Lactose intolerance, characterized by a movement in the bowels after drinking milk, can result in loose stools. For people with lactase deficiency or those that have difficulty in breaking down lactose, loose stools or diarrhea is common.


Relieves symptoms of food poisoning.

When there's a sudden feeling of an upset stomach a few hours after a meal, and if diarrhea or vomiting occurs, it is possibly a sign of food poisoning due to consumption of contaminated food.
Therefore, it is imperative that one must carefully consider the likely items that cause food poisoning.

Food poisoning commonly occurs under hot and humid conditions that are conducive for bacterial propagation. Although winter is supposed to be cold and dry, there's a spike in viral food poisoning during winter.


Relieves symptoms of water poisoning.

Gastrointestinal disorders resulting from drinking water are known as water poisoning.
Water poisoning occurs when one drinks a large amount of hard water, i.e. water with a high calcium or magnesium content (inorganic), or water contaminated by bacteria or viruses.

Loose stools or diarrhea occurs following consumption of hard water. This is because magnesium ions stimulate the human body to release water into the intestinal track, resulting in excess water inside the intestinal loop. Though this is not a problem in Japan (because most drinking water in Japan is soft water), one should be very careful when travelling overseas, because hard water is very common.
Additionally, due to the problems of feeder pipes, water in some foreign countries is contaminated by pathogens. Therefore, one should be careful and avoid drinking water that has not been boiled.


Relieves diarrhea and vomiting induced by the stomach flu.

When one feels slightly cold and if diarrhea or vomiting occurs, then it is called the stomach flu.

Cough, a runny nose, and fever resulting from an acute viral nasopharyngitis are the symptoms of a common cold. Our digestive tract may sometimes be affected, and diarrhea or vomiting may occur.


Relieves diarrhea that may occur on a business trip or outing.

An upset stomach may result due to unclean drinking water or food or when one is unaccustomed to the climate after traveling to a new place. An upset stomach also occurs when one is under stress from a business trip.

It is particularly true when one may be unable to get medication overseas that one is familiar with. We recommend carrying Seirogan or Seirogan Toi-A to avoid frequent bathroom visits and distractions during traveling or a business trip.


Relieves toothache as a result of tooth decay.

Seirogan also relieves toothaches because JP wood creosote, the major ingredient of Seirogan, can treat pain and disinfect the root canal. For toothache, apply an appropriate amount of Seirogan at the site of the toothache.

However, Seirogan is only a temporary painkiller and does not cure tooth decay. Therefore, you must make an appointment with your dentist to treat your tooth decay.

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