Truth of Seirogan

Misconceptions about creosote

Creosote is effective against gastrointestinal disorders and is the major ingredient of Seirogan. However, people often have misconceptions about creosote. The following highlights the latest research findings on creosote that can ease the common misconceptions.

Creosote has two varieties: medical creosote and preservative creosote. Will it kill the bacteria inside our stomach? Is it effective against any kind of diarrhea?

Will it kill the bacteria inside our stomach?

Changes in Creosote usage

The Germans extracted JP wood Creosote, the major ingredient of Seirogan, from wood tar in 1830 for treating festering and disinfecting wounds. Since it can kill bacteria, it was also used as a food preservative, an antitussive agent, and for treating TB. It was first used in treating gastrointestinal disorders during the US civil war, and its effect was highly recognized.

It is for these historical reasons that JP wood Creosote became the major ingredient of Seirogan, and its assumed to kill stomach bacteria.

will it kill the bacteria inside our stomach?

JP wood Creosote is classified as an antibacterial medication in pharmacological textbooks that can inhibit diarrhea. However, the latest research indicates that it can also promote peristalsis and regulate water content in the intestinal tract. It is for these reasons that JP wood Creosote can pacify the intestinum tenue and intestinum crassum and relieve diarrhea and loose stools.

Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) and bifidus are present in the intestinal tract. Moreover, the latest research verifies that JP wood Creosote is absorbed in the stomach via blood, and only a very small amount will finally reach the intestines. Therefore, the amount of JP wood Creosote that is bioavailable in the intestines cannot kill the bad bacteria, and it also will not inhibit the growth of good bacteria like LAB and bifidus.
Therefore, JP wood Creosote will not kill good bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract but it can regulate the motion and functions of the intestinal tract to relieve gastrointestinal problems.

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