Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Before using the website of Taiko Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Taiko Pharmaceutical), please carefully read and agree with the following terms. If you do not agree with them, we are sorry but you will not be able to access this website. Once you have started using the website, it holds you responsible for accepting all the terms and conditions set forth in the Terms of Use.

1. Copyright

The copyright, including intellectual property right, the right to use and other rights, of all copyrighted materials, portraits, people, logos/trademarks and other information contained on this website is owned by Taiko Pharmaceutical and/or their suppliers. The downloading, printing, and reproduction of any form of contents on this website are limited to personal and/or family and private use only.
Do not use the information and/or programs from this website on other websites and/or printed matter (including, reproduction, uploading, publishing, quotation etc.).
Do not exceed the scope of legal permission specified in the copyright law when using contents published on this website.

2. Trademark

All rights of the trademarks, including trademarks and service logos, indicated on this website are reserved by Taiko Pharmaceutical or its licensed users. Unlawful or prohibited use is not permitted.

3. Disclaimers

Taiko Pharmaceutical has endeavored to take all necessary precautions on the information published on this website. Taiko Pharmaceutical assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, practicality, safety, and other problems of the content. Information published on this website is merely temporal and may be subject to change over time. In no event shall Taiko Pharmaceutical be liable for any damages resulting from the use or inability to use this website. Taiko Pharmaceutical may, without prior notice, change and/or delete any information published on this website. Additionally, this website is entitled to interrupt and/or suspend any notices under any circumstance. Taiko Pharmaceutical assumes no responsibility for any damages resulting from the change, deletion, interruption, and/or suspension of notices.

4. Non-provision of healthcare information

The aim of this website is to provide general information related to Taiko Pharmaceutical and its products, and not medical advice. This website does not claim to replace the role of healthcare providers, such as physicians and pharmacists, to provide the general public with information on the therapy for disease(s). Additionally, this website cannot provide patients with solutions/consultations for relevant problems.

5. Processing of Personal information

Taiko Pharmaceutical respects the personal information provided by customers and endeavors to protect personal privacy. Please see Privacy Policy for details on privacy protection.

6. Links to content

In general, this website provides free links and uses, without further notice. However, requests for cancelling links to this website are proposed occasionally, based on the content of websites and/or the manner of linking.

7. Enquiry

In order to develop new products and/or to provide better services, Taiko Pharmaceutical and/or its affiliates may occasionally produce statistics with methods that cannot specifically identify any individuals.
When using such information, please avoid supplying the following information:
(1) content offending social order and good customs, (2) expressions involving libels, vilification and discrimination, (3) content involving defamation, privacy infringement and copyright infringement, (4) content that has improper or vile expressions, and (5) content considered inappropriate by Taiko Pharmaceutical.

8. Applicable law

Unless otherwise stated, the law of Japan shall be the applicable law governing the use of this website and the application of the Terms of Use.

9. Amendment

The Terms of Use are subject to change without prior notice.

System environment

1. Recommended browsers

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Use of other browsers may be unable to display all contents.

2. Plug-in

Some data in this website are provided in Flash or PDF format.

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3. Cookies

In order to make suitable improvements and enhance service quality, this website will occasionally use Cookies and other technologies to keep track of your interactions with our website. Cookies refer to a log of your interactions with our website and services. With such a log, we can identify you and offer you more convenient services when you visit us again.
The primary aim of using these cookies is

  • to enhance the quality of our service and
  • to allow users to enjoy services provided by this website in a more comfortable environment.

If you do not need such a function, you can always delete them from your browsers, or block the cookies, or let your computer alert you before cookies begin to record your interactions with our website.
Please read the manual or Help section on your browsers.
Most of the content on our website will still be accessible even if you block the cookies, though some services may be limited. Moreover, Taiko Pharmaceutical assumes no responsibility for cookies from other websites.