Truth of Seirogan

Differences between Seirogan and Seirogan Toi-A

When talking about the secrets of Seirogan and Seirogan Toi-A, their peculiar “smell” and “color” are the first things that come to mind. The “effects” of Seirogan is what has made these drugs so popular for a long time. Now, let’s explore the secrets of Seirogan.

Seirogan pills

The dark brown pill of
Seirogan has a special smell.

Seirogan Toi-A coated tablets

The coated tablet of
Seirogan Toi-A has no smell.

Difference in efficacy

Both formulations are effective gastrointestinal medications for treating symptoms of loose stools and diarrhea because of food or water poisoning as well as indigestion. They also help relieve loose stools and diarrhea caused by stress, cold, etc.
Usually, it takes about 30 min for Seirogan and Seirogan Toi-A to function, although this time may vary among individuals.

Seirogan is also effective in relieving toothaches when administered in the affected area.

Difference in ingredients

JP wood creosote is the major ingredient in both Seirogan and Seirogan Toi-A; they only differ in the content of other natural ingredients.

In addition to JP wood creosote, there are four other natural ingredients in Seirogan: JP powdered Gambir, JP powdered Phellodendron bark, JP powdered Glycyrrhiza and powdered Citrus unshiu peel. All these natural ingredients help initiate and maintain the effect of JP wood creosote.

In addition to JP wood creosote, there are two other natural ingredients in Seirogan Toi-A: JP powdered Geranium herb and dried Phellodendron bark extract. These natural ingredients help initiate the effect of JP wood creosote.

Timing for use

You can choose either Seirogan or Seirogan Toi-A based on your preference and situation.

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