Cleverin Generator Elecloorer

Cleverin Generator Elecloorer

About Product

Elecloorer is a low-concentration chlorine dioxide gas generator. By releasing low-concentration chlorine dioxide gas into the space, Elecloorer provides a comfortable living space that removes viruses, bacteria, and odors. By controlling the amount of chlorine dioxide gas generated, Elecloorer can be used in small to medium-sized spaces (no installation work is required). Elecloorer can be used in offices, lobbies, waiting rooms, etc.

The spread of ingredients varies depending on the usage environment.Not all viruses, bacteria, and odors can be removed.


Power supply single-phase 100V 50 / 60Hz
Dimensions W260 x D260 x H500 (mm)
Weight About 11.5kg


Cleverin Generator is not a medical device.

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