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Is Cleverin same as "hypochlorous acid water" or "sodium hypochlorite"?

The component of Cleverin is "chlorine dioxide" (chemical formula ClO2). Chlorine dioxide is highly safe and has high disinfecting power, and can be used as a airborne disinfectant or an object disinfectant.

"Hypochlorous acid water" (chemical formula HOCl) is an acidic liquid produced by electrolysis of hydrochloric acid or sodium chloride, and is used as a food additive and a food disinfectant. It is also called electrolyzed acidic water. Hypochlorous acid has low stability, so it is necessary to confirm the expiration date. In addition to food additives, there are also daily sundries that are commercially available as disinfectants for objectives. It is necessary to check the concentration of active ingredients and the expiration date.

"Sodium hypochlorite" (chemical formula NaClO) is an alkaline substance used as the main component of chlorine bleach, etc., and is diluted and used for disinfecting various viruses and bacteria.

Hypochlorous acid water and sodium hypochlorite are not sprayed in space due to uncertain safety and effectiveness.

How to use

How to use Cleverin Gel?

1. Write the starting date on the bottle Remove the white cap. (Keep the bottle upright to avoid spilling.)

2. Add the full amount of the attached granule.

3. Put on the other cap and leave undisturbed for approximately 15 minutes, until the liquid begins to harden into a gel form.

4. If you detect any smell from the liquid, adjust the cap until you can no longer detect the smell. (If the smell continues to remain, move the container to a well ventilated location, and use only after it stops smelling.)

5. Place the container at a height in the room to facilitate an even distribution of the ingredients. (Do not allow the container to fall.)

Is there any place other than a small closed space to refrain from using?

Due to the features of the product, do not use it near precious metals or precision equipment. Chlorine dioxide can corrode metal.

Also, please refrain from using colored fibers close to each other. They may be bleached.Do not use in close proximity to animals.

Can Clevein Gel be used in a room with a pet?

Yes. However, please keep out of the reach of pets.

Can Clevein Gel be used in a car?

Please do not use.

Can Clevein Gel be used in a refrigerator?

Please do not use.

Can Cleverin Gel be used with other air fresheners, deodorants, deodorant sprays, etc.?

Please do not use with other products.

When should Cleverin be replaced with a new one?

Please replace Cleverin every 1 to 2 months, referring to "Guidelines for use"The spread of ingredients varies depending on the environment. The gel in the bottle will not be lost, so even if the gel remain, replace it according to the"Guidelines for Use"

I'm worried about the odor of the ingredients. What should I do?

Turn the cap to adjust so that you do not feel the odor of the ingredients, or ventilate. (There is a possibility that the ingredients will be high for several days after the start of use.)
If you still feel the component odor after adjustment, move it to a well-ventilated place and use it after you no longer feel the component odor.

How to throw away Cleverin?

Please do not remove the gel of the bottle and throw away Cleverin Gel according to the classification of the municipality. (Although it is combustible waste in many municipality, please check it.)

Can Cleverin Gel be used with an air purifier together?

When using an air purifier, please use Cleverin Gel as far away from the air purifier as possible.

Can Cleverin Gel be used in the closet?

Please refrain from using Cleverin Gel as it may bleach colored fibers in the closet.

I accidentally spilled the liquid (before adding the granules). What should I do?

Wipe it off immediately. Due to the features of the product, metal products may corrode.

Emergency Measures

The contents have stuck to my skin. What should I do?

Wash it off by plenty of water immediately and consult a doctor immediately if there are any abnormalities.

I got the contents in my eyes. What should I do?

Wash it off by plenty of water immediately and consult a doctor immediately.

My child accidentally put the contents in my mouth or swallowed it. What should I do now?

Please rinse his/her mouth immediately without forcing to vomit the contents. Then give the child plenty of water or milk and talk to a doctor.


How should I store it?

Keep out of the reach of children, away from high temperatures and direct sunlight.

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