Truth of Seirogan

Secrets of Seirogan,Seirogan Toi-A

When talking about the Secrets of Seirogan and Seirogan Toi-A, their peculiar “smell” and “color” are the first things that come to mind. The “effect” of Seirogan is what has made these drugs so popular for a long time. Now, let’s explore the secrets of Seirogan

Secret of smell Secret of color Secret of effect

A Gift from the Forests

The special smell of Seirogan can either have a positive impact (This smell seems to be very effective!) or a negative impact (some reject this smell) on the psyche of people. In fact, the origins of the smell are from the major ingredient of Seirogan, JP wood creosote, the very ingredient that makes Seirogan effective in gastrointestinal disorders.

The wood tar is obtained by cooling, liquefying, and idling the smoke released from the carbonation of beech and pine charcoal. Subsequently, the repeated distillation and purification of the wood tar generates the JP wood creosote. Based on this process, it is clear that JP wood creosote is a medication extracted from natural resources.

JP wood creosote, the major ingredient of Seirogan and Seirogan Toi-A produced by Taiko Pharmaceutical, is extracted from local Japanese raw materials using automated production processes.

The peculiar smell of Seirogan is the best evidence that the medication is made from natural ingredients.

Repeatedly distlling to get transparent liquid 「Creosote」

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